Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ethan on Israel / Palestine: The Raw Truth

October 8, 2009 -- I have finally made my YouTube debut! As part of Just Peace Mideast's series of films called "Americans Speak Out About the Middle East," I speak for 14 minutes about the raw and ugly reality of the Israeli government's repressive, murderous policies against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. It's impossible to capture the whole nightmare of what millions of Palestinians have been experiencing on a daily basis for decades in just 14 minutes, but this film does a very solid job of breaking down the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into clear and simple terms for the education of ordinary Americans. As the producer describes, "Unforgettable account of the actuality of parts of daily life for the Palestinians with the Israeli occupation and apartheid. Ethan, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, describes in detail from his own experience and facts about what is going on in Israel/Palestine."

You are very welcome to watch the film and comment!

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You are also invited to read my essay, "Holy Land or Living Hell? Pollution, Apartheid and Protest in Occupied Palestine."